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Fr. Ray Kelly

Fr. Ray Kelly is the Parish Priest of Oldcastle (Co. Meath) and is affectionately called “the singing priest” in Ireland. He hit the world musical scene at a wedding in April 2014 with his version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” which now has over 76 million YouTube views. Following his recording of a 12-track album (“Where I belong”) with Universal Music in December 2014, and a Christmas album in 2015 Fr. Ray has performed before countless audiences in Ireland and, toured the world over: the USA, Germany, Austria and the UK. He has appeared on several TV and Radio shows including BBC Radio 4 and RTE Late Late Show. His performances on the Britain’s Got Talent 2018 where his rendition of “Everybody Hurts” and “Go Rest High On that mountain” has been very captivating for many and has now over 12 million hits on Youtube. Last year he took on the challenge on the TV show Dancing With The Stars on R.T.E and while his dancing skills may not have been highly acclaimed, nevertheless, he stayed in the show right up to the quarter finals on the second last week thanks to all those who voted for him and kept him in the show because of his entertainment value. Since in his singing he reaches out to the human heart, Fr. Ray has many admirers and fan base (believers and non-believers alike) the world over who, follow him daily in his priestly pastoral ministry and in his musical shows and performances all over.
You can watch his masses and hear him sing in Oldcastle Church on the www. The link is

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